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Education is what matters – Mama says so!

 I recently left my retail marketing job at Sears / Kmart to contribute to something that sounded more urgent than selling toys and fitness equipment.  Don’t get me wrong, I love both toys and fitness equipment, but I am sure both will do fine without my assistance.  I joined the Sylvan Learning team where their […]

It’s Show Choir Time! Mama Says So!

 Heavy makeup, curled hair, bedazzled dresses.  I gape as my soccer-gear- wearing daughter appears transformed into a curious mix between an Irish Step Dancer and a low rent hooker.  And she doesn’t even seem to mind!  In fact, on a Saturday morning she and her contemporaries are gussied up and on a bus at the […]

The Mamasaysso holiday gift list

Haven’t started shopping yet? No problem! It looks like lots of people are putting it off until the last minute this year. And we have two extra days between thanksgiving and Christmas to procrastinate. Be warned though – the weekend before Christmas will be a MONSTER shopping experience. #truth. People always ask me for gift […]

Tricks and Treats – Halloween as I See it

I have certain bias toward Halloween – I will admit it.  After marketing Halloween for Kmart for a couple of years, I have a house full of decorations and an AWESOME witch costume I bought at Kmart for $24.99 and will wear once a year forever.  But when I dressed up for work this year, […]

You Are What You Eat?

I have been keenly aware lately of the rise in kids food allergies and issues.  It is quite commonplace in the hoard of roving kids that move through our house to have peanut, wheat, and dairy allergies.  Now, it does not outweigh the 14 year olds who are shoving fist-fulls of dry breakfast cereal in […]

Olympic Mom Marketing

My family is all about the Olympics.  From the opening ceremony, through the competitions and background stories, and the Olympic commercial breaks – we watch more TV during these 2 weeks than we do the rest of the year.  So even though we are only a couple of days in – I already have my […]

Licensing Show Tried & Truest

Tried and True?  Lets talk Power Rangers.  Created by Saban, purchased by Disney, and now back with Saban, this property just keeps on going.  What’s their secret?  New bad guys and story lines each year and they are on TV 70 times a week.  Yes, you read that correctly 70 times!  Maybe kids are just […]

Licenisng Show Remakes & Reworks

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be the stand out re-make in 2012 and 2013 – Mama Says So!  With a fall TV series this year, a movie, webisodes and a lot of Nickelodeon support, the pizza eating turtles should do well with a new generation.   In the movie remake category, Warner Brothers’ Man of Steel […]

Licensing Show 2012 Hotties

The licensing show showcased the line ups, trends and hopefuls for 2013 and even 2014.  Among the entertainment licenses, the offerings shook out in 3 categories:  The New Hot-Hot, the Remakes & Reworks, and The Tried and True.  Here’s my take on the new Hotties or Hot-Hot wannabes. Mama Says that the new Hot Hot License […]

Confessions of a SXSW Rookie

When I was invited to speak on a panel at SXSW (South by Southwest) I jumped at the chance.  First, I love the panel topic – the future of mobile and retailing.  My co-panelists and I could wax on about the subject endlessly.  The guys from Checkpoints, Savvy Shopper, and Levis, taught me a lot […]