680 Sylvan Franchisee Sites

Sylvan Franchisees were frustrated with their web presence.  They wanted a site that could represent their business in the local communities, and that they could update easily.  What they had was a primarily hard coded page with an extremely difficult CMS and a 1990s look.  Franchisees could not change  operating hours, highlight new teachers or community awards or job openings.  Corporate wanted a consistent brand presence, and a base level of useful information for those Franchisees who were not as diligent about keeping their sites updated.  The solution was a launch that took elements of the new Sylvan corporate site, provided some flexible content blocks, an easy Sitefinity CMS, and centralized push content in the event that the Franchisees did not update their own sites.  

Deck Designer Apps with AR and VR

Some people can visualize how a new outdoor space will look, but most of us can not.  By working with Marxent to develop a deck designer app we removed the guess work for home owners.  Our AZEK marketing team worked with Marxent to load in all of our decking, railing, and lighting options as well as all of the building logic that goes into constructing a deck.  Marxent supplied the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality modes that let homeowners see exactly what their dream deck would look like both in dollhouse mode and applied directly to the back of their home.  It is intuitive and fun flipping though different decking colors and railing options, and our contractors told us it helps homeowners commit with confidence.  Even though this is available on the App store for consumers, this AZEK Building Products App quickly became a favorite contractor tool!

SEO Pages That Shine

At AZEK Building Products we had several specialty applications for our high performance deck and Trim products, but we did not have a good way to talk about it to relevant audiences.  For example, our AZEK PVC Trim could be fashioned into beautiful, low maintenance pergolas.  Our low maintenance, moisture resistant, fade resistant decking is perfect for docks and rooftop decks.  And we are one of the only makers of composite, performance porches.  We collected the best content to support pages on each of our applications, and built SEO optimized pages.  The result was hig impact, informational pages that show up to relevant audiences on the SERP.

Digital for Growing Minds

At Sylvan, we realized that learning should be personal and fun.  So we partnered with Fingerprint to launch an App Platform called Sylvan Play.  Once the first Sylvan app was launched we could promote a whole suite of edutainment apps and connect with parents for future leads.  It was a cost effective, and showed the Sylvan brand and content in a compeling, relevent way.